ⓘ Diamond Cafe


ⓘ Diamond Cafe

Tristan Thompson, known as Diamond Cafe, is a synth-pop recording artist from Victoria, British Columbia. He has released 2 mid-length EPs. While critics cite his style as a "blend of synth-pop and R&B", Thompson describes his music as "bathing in a cloud of honey on a very foggy night".


1.1. History Early life

Tristan Thompson was born in Victoria, British Columbia on May 22, 1998. Thompsons first musical venture was as a Michael Jackson impersonator at age 12, busking locally on Government St. in Victoria, BC. In 2012 at age 15, Thompson began to post musical covers online at YouTube.com, eventually resulting in contact from Ontario record label Chatter Records. Thompson and Chatter Records released one album together, though after developing as an independent artist throughout his teen years, Thompson and Chatter Records parted ways due to creative differences mainly pertaining to Thompsons growing desire for creative control as well as the developing maturity in his lyrics, leading to the origin of Diamond Cafe.


1.2. History Career

Under his real name, Thompson released one album, "Here For You", with Chatter Records in 2014. The album yielded several successful tracks and received significant radio play in Canada, even finding mild popularity overseas. As the current Diamond Cafe, Thompson released his first EP, Breathe, in September 2017 to favorable reviews. Diamond Cafe has since released an additional self-titled EP, as well as a considerable library of singles. Playing shows often in the Pacific Northwest Area, Diamond Cafes live band consists of Thompson, Jasper Miller of Outback, Brennan Doyle of Cartoon Lizard, Adam Stothart, Angelina Peddie and Lily Margison.


2. Discography


  • "On N On" November 2019
  • "Good Enough" April 2020
  • "What I Want The Most" March 2020
  • "Look Up 2 Love" September 2019
  • "Nothing Looks The Same In The Light" June 2018
  • "The Way You Used To Love Me" November 2018