ⓘ Simply Local


ⓘ Simply Local

Simply Local is a decentralized community social networking and neighborhood broadcasting service developed by Simply Local, based in New Delhi. The app is used as a tool by residents to bridge the information gap and know what is happening in the locality. One of its primary purposes is also to connect citizens to their elected representatives. Simply Local is available on Android Play and iOS App Store. It is available in two languages - English and Hindi. Simply Local’s founder and CEO is Nikhil Bapna.


1. History

2020 May - Included as a Top 5 Useful App by Zee News.

2020 - Used to connect candidates with local residents during the Delhi assembly elections.

2019 - Renamed from Gadfly to its current name.

2018 - Used for Karnataka State Elections to get detailed information on candidates.

2017 - Launched under the name Gadfly as a tool to connect citizens with their elected representatives.