ⓘ French ship Zodiaque (1756)


ⓘ French ship Zodiaque (1756)

In 1778, Zodiaque was in the First Division of the White squadron in the fleet under Orvilliers. She took part in the Battle of Ushant on 27 July 1778 under La Porte Vezins, with Cice-Champion as first officer. The year after, the was attached to the Armada of 1779.

In 1780, Zodiaque was under Roquefeuil-Montpeyroux. On 6 June, she and Nereide captured the 10-gun British privateer cutter Prince of Wales.

In 1781, Zodiaque was at Brest under Retz.

In 1782, Zodiaque was first under Senneville, and later under Langan-Boisfevrier, who captained her at the Battle of Cape Spartel on 20 October 1782.


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