ⓘ Klaus Werner Wedell


ⓘ Klaus Werner Wedell

In the 1930s, Klaus fled to Britain from Nazi Germany. After the war, he studied Psychology at the University of Cambridge. Wedell worked in Bristol and Hull andd then was appointed to an academic post at the University of Birmingham. In 1979, he was appointed to the first chair in Special Education at the Institute of Education in London from which he retired in 1995.


1. Work

Among other research areas, he was responsible for investigating the implementation of the I981 Special Education Act. He consulted on special needs, in Britain and internationally. He co-founded, with BECTA, the National SENCo Forum, an electronic support network. In 2004, he gave the Guilford Lecture at the University of Birmingham.


2. Publications

  • Wedell, K. 2008. INCLUSION: Confusion about inclusion: patching up or system change? British Journal of Special Education, 353, 127–135.
  • Wedell, K. 2005. Dilemmas in the quest for inclusion. British Journal of Special Education.