• FЯED Fred Figglehorn, American YouTube comedian with a high pitched voice
  • FRED quartet, the 1999 International champion comedy barbershop quartet
  • FRED disk magazine diskzine for the SAM Coupe

1. Computing and software

  • Fred Optical Engineering Software
  • Framework office suite computer language, an interactive interpreter
  • FRED text editor
  • Flexible Recreational Educational Device, an 8-bit computer architecture designed by Joseph Weisbecker that became the basis of the RCA 1802

2. Transportation

  • End-of-train device, a.k.a. Flashing Rear End Device FRED, railroad equipment that monitors the integrity of a trains air line, in lieu of a caboose
  • Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, a slang name for the transport aircraft
  • Fredericksburg Regional Transit, a bus system in Fredericksburg, Virginia

3. Other uses

  • Federal Reserve Economic Data, Economic Research, Federal Reserve Bank, St. Louis
  • FRED jeweller
  • Freds NASDAQ: FRED, a regional chain of discount stores based primarily in the southeastern United States
  • Field Ration Eating Device, a knife/spoon/bottle opener/can opener combination formerly issued in Australian Army CR1M packs