ⓘ Dead Horse


ⓘ Dead Horse

  • Dead Horse Bay, in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
  • Dead Horse Camp, in South America
  • White Pass Trail, also called "Dead Horse Trail"
  • Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah, U.S.
  • Deadhorse, Alaska, a town in the United States
  • Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Arizona, U.S.

1. Arts, entertainment, and media


  • Deadhorse, a comic book series written by Eric Grissom, Phil Sloan, Marissa Louise, and David Halvorson, published by Frankensteins Daughter, and set in Deadhorse, Alaska


  • The Dead Horses, the backup band for Ryan Bingham
  • Dead Horse band, an American thrash metal band
  • Dead Horse One, a neo-psychedelic/shoegaze band based in France


  • Dead Horse album, a 2005 album by Cassetteboy
  • A Dead Horse, a 1989 album by The Golden Palominos
  • The Dead Horse EP, a 2007 remix EP by Junior Boys
  • Dead Horses, a 2013 album by Evergreen Terrace